What is Reflexology

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NOW AVAILABLE - hot stone reflexology, Indian head massage and facial reflexology.


Reflexology is a very relaxing therapy, which is believed to stimulate the body's own natural healing ability, by helping to restore energy flow around the body, encouraging it to rebalance itself and achieve optimum health and wellbeing. It can be applied to the feet, hands or face to great effect.

Reflexology is a holistic therapy, meaning that during a treatment the whole person - mind, body and spirit - are considered in order to help the client gain the most from their sessions and perhaps discover any sources of imbalance in their life that may be affecting their health or wellbeing.

A client is treated as an individual and is encouraged to take responsibility for their own therapeutic journey to achieve balance in their life. The therapist is there to help and encourage the client, never to diagnose, treat or cure a person of any medical condition.


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