Soles are Windows to your Soul

Happy feetWhen chatting to people about what I do I often hear them say that their feet aren't very nice or that they wouldn't want to show me their feet because they are embarrassed. Many others says that they are very ticklish and aren't sure that they could let me touch their feet.

The truth is that all feet are fascinating to a reflexologist and can tell us a lot about a person, not only about their physical state, but also their personality and emotions. This is called foot reading and as crazy as it sounds it can actually be very accurate and enlightening!

Here are just a few examples of what the feet may reveal:

  • Very red or hot feet may indicate a person is angry, embarrassed or frustrated. Have a look and see what colour your feet are next time you have had an argument with someone!
  • Very cold feet tend to be associated with low energy and lack of enthusiasm, as well as poor circulation.
  • Hairy toes may indicate someone who is very sensitive but hides it with bravado.
  • Feet that are quite straight up and down, rather than broadening across the balls of the feet, suggest that the person likes set parameters in life.
  • Little toes that are turned on their side with the nail facing away from the other toes are often found on people with an unconventional, maybe even rebellious nature!

Colour, temperature, texture and condition of the feet change all the time, particularly as our health and emotions change. It is interesting to see these changes as a person has a course of treatments and to discuss with them what their feet may show about them.

So please don't worry about what your feet look like, they are as individual as you are and should be treated well, after all they have to carry you through the rest of your life. However if you are still concerened about your feet then why not try facial reflexology or an Indian head massage and gain the benefits of relaxation this way instead!

Oh, and ticklish feet aren't a problem either, sensitivity to the treatment quickly diminishes and within no time at all you will find the touch relaxing rather than irritating.

Soul Survivor!


For someone who is very ticklish I never thought I would fall asleep!

Ross W / Kent

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Soul Survivor!


Coming to Nicola for reflexology has been a fantastic experience.

Lisa D / Surrey

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