How Reflexology can Help in Pre-conception

Baby feet in handsWhen planning for a baby it is a good idea that both people in the partnership are in good shape, both physically and mentally. There are number of reasons that a couple may struggle to conceive and often pinpointing the reason is a long and difficult process. This naturally can cause stress and tension for a couple, often adding to the difficulty of trying to conceive.

While there is very limited scientific research to show whether reflexology can help couples with fertility issues, anecdotal evidence based on feedback from practicing reflexologists suggests that, on average, around 50% of clients seeking help through reflexology find themselves pregnant within six months of commencing treatment. However, it is vital to remember that every person is unique and what might work for one person may not necessarily work for the next, and a reflexologist cannot diagnose, treat or cure specific conditions.

That said, because reflexology is a holistic therapy that treats the client as a complete individual, not just a condition, it can be useful in helping a person, or couple, deal with the high levels of stress and tension that can arise from trying to conceive. As a holistic therapist, a reflexologist will also look at a person's lifestyle and try to support them in making any appropriate lifestyle changes that may affect their fertility.

By receiving a therapy such as reflexology on a regular basis, a number of women may find they get pregnant simply because they have been able to reduce their anxieties and improve their health.

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In a study by the American Medical Association it was estimated that stress is a contributing factor in as many as 75% of illnesses and diseases.

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