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  • I still can’t believe how comfortable and relaxed I feel.

    Reflexology was recommended to me as a possible way to help me with my general anxiety and painful hip. I was a little dubious about using reflexology as I am always apprehensive with therapy sessions due to being uncomfortable with the pressure that some therapists use, along with my squeamishness about this. I am also quite ticklish - particularly on my feet and was therefore concerned about how I would find this treatment at all relaxing or therapeutic!

    Thank you for being so patient and understanding about these concerns, I still can't believe how comfortable and relaxed I feel during the sessions (and how after the initial thirty seconds or so the ticklishness completely subsides!).

    I also want to say a huge thank you for the changes that the sessions have had. My anxiety has definitely eased and the most obvious way I see this improvement is in my sleeping. My painful hip has not only eased but actually gone away entirely.

    It is also very refreshing for the soul to have a relaxing time with someone who is keen to listen to any issues that I have, as well as the long-term benefits that have come hand in hand with your sessions with me.

    Chloe T., Lamberhurst, Kent, UK

  • I always look forward to my reflexology sessions with Nicola.

    Apart from being extremely relaxing & calming I always have the best nights sleep afterwards!

    Life can be hectic so it's really important for me to have some time each week to completely forget about everything and my sessions with Nicola really help me to do that.

    Helen S., Wadhurst, East Sussex, UK

  • I would highly recommend a course of treatment with Nicola.

    I had a course of reflexology treatment with Nicola which I found to be very relaxing after my week at work.  I have suffered from back pain on and off for a while and after the treatment my back was much better.  I also found I slept much better after the treatment and my energy levels increased.

    I would highly recommend a course of treatment with Nicola.

    Andrea A., Hawkhurst, Kent, UK

  • I leave each session feeling calm and relaxed.

    I started seeing Nicola for treatment during a family crisis. I had been having severe stress headaches and was generally feeling very tense. This has a knock on effect on my ongoing IBS symptoms. I have also had problems with sciatica since the birth of my son. I was generally quite uncomfortable.

    Nicola is very reassuring and relaxing which immediately made me feel at ease. She worked on both my general well being and on the specific issues I was struggling with. During the course of treatments, she used reflexology to help relieve the symptoms. I noticed a significant improvement in all the areas, in particular the stress symptoms and pain. The headaches are gone and I no longer wince when climbing the stairs.

    In addition to these long term improvements, I leave each session feeling calm and relaxed which means that I get a good night's sleep and feel refreshed the day after. I continue to look forward to each treatment and invariably feel better afterwards. I would thoroughly recommend Nicola to anyone looking to have reflexology treatments.

    Ruth G., Rusthall, Kent, UK

  • Coming to Nicola for reflexology has been a fantastic experience.

    Coming to Nicola for reflexology has been a fantastic experience. She has a kind, open approach to her clients that puts you at ease right away. She always ensures that you are warm enough and that you have water when you need it. She takes the time to find out about your past health issues in a more detailed manner than I have previously experienced with reflexologists and at the start of each treatment she is always careful to ask how you have been, tracking your progress as she goes. She is patient when answering all my questions and extremely knowledgeable about which areas of the foot relate to which parts of the body. She would frequently spend time after our sessions researching any specific questions I had so that she might have answers for my next visit. She believes in looking at a person's whole lifestyle and has made recommendations for other things I could incorporate into my life in order to boost the effects of my treatment. The sessions have helped me enormously, not least I believe in boosting my energy levels, which have always been quite low since suffering from glandular fever as a teenager.

    Lisa D., Surbiton, Surrey, UK

  • After my first session I felt hugely relaxed and calm.

    I had reflexology to help me relax and de-stress, during the first consultation we also talked about the fact I had issues with intermittent tinnitus in my right ear which was bothering me.

    After my first session I felt hugely relaxed and calm.  After the following sessions, not only did I feel much more relaxed and clearheaded, but I also noticed that my tinnitus had started to reduce, it never really went away but I had to concentrate to notice it.

    I regularly fell asleep during the treatments and woke peacefully at the end of the session in the really comfy chair, and for someone who is very ticklish I never thought this would happen.

    I am looking forward to many more treatments in the coming years.

    Ross W., Lamberhurst, Kent, UK

  • After facial reflexology I felt uplifted with softer, smoother skin.

    I had a wonderful session of FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY today with Nicola. Nicola pays special attention to specific points on the face and also uses many massage techniques to relieve stress and tension and encourage circulation. This is all done using wonderful organic Neal's Yard plant oils and I was left feeling relieved, uplifted and my skin noticeably softer and smoother. I look forward to my next rejuvenating sessions - many thanks Nicola

    Sandra S., Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK, ,

  • Reflexology has helped me cope with my pain in a more positive way.

    My visits to Nicola were the first time I had tried reflexology. I went along to get some help with lower back and leg pain which had affected my work and daily life to quite an extent. I found after treatments I would feel relaxed and calm and ready to face the world again. The visits have definitely lowered my stress and anxiety levels and now I find I am coping with my pain in a lot more positive way. My overall pain has decreased and I feel on the road to full recovery. Nicola is friendly, a great listener and very knowledgeable about her work, I would fully recommend you go along to see her for a treatment.

    Susannah M., Staplehurst, Kent, UK, ,

  • Facial reflexology is relaxing and uplifting.

    Nicola is a genius! The facial reflexology is the most relaxing but also uplifting treatment. Can't wait for my next one.

    Emily F., Surbiton, Surrey, UK, ,

  • Reflexology is a chance to step outside of my normal, busy life.

    Reflexology is great for relaxation. My sessions with Nicola give me the chance to step outside my normal busy life for an hour while Nicola resets my mind & body via my feet! An hour of reflexology makes me feel like I've had a day off. If you haven't tried it yet, do it soon x

    Jane T., Cranbrook, Kent, UK, ,

  • Reflexology is brilliant for helping my stress levels.

    I find Soul Revival Reflexology brilliant for helping my stress levels. I've even persuaded my husband to go and it's really helped him too. We both have traditional reflexology but I've tried the hot stones reflex and the Indian Head Massage too - both are great! I've bought vouchers for friends as presents too and they have all really enjoyed it.

    Nicky S., Lamberhurst, Kent, UK, ,

  • I can't recommend highly enough.

    Once again I've had the most amazing experience with Nicola. A genuinely talented therapist. Can't recommend her highly enough.

    George S., Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK, ,

  • Reflexology helps with my joint pain.

    So relaxing and has helped a lot with my joint pain. Nicola is brilliant and making you feel at ease.

    Angela P., Lamberhurst, Kent, UK, ,

  • Reflexology helps in so many ways.

    I've had reflexology, hot stones and facial reflexology all so relaxing and amazing. Reflexology helps in so many ways, headaches, pain, fertility, sleep, pregnancy or just relaxation. Highly recommend Nicola who can provide so many different elements of reflexology to make you feel incredible.

    Sam W., Horsmonden, Kent, UK, ,

  • I can recommend reflexology for children.

    My 7 year old son can highly recommend reflexology with Nicola! He suffers from a painful left knee & the specialist can't work out why. So he goes to Nicola for treatment and loves it. Talk about relaxing. Also Ewan is getting relief from his pain which is the most important aspect. As mum I can recommend reflexology for children. I think I may have to go myself!

    Deborah M., Lamberhurst, Kent, UK, ,

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